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Cambodia Modern Rattan is a leading company in Cambodia that supplies semi and finished products from Rattan.

Sample Products
Products & Services
Products Rattan species Origin/area of rattan (province/district) Quantity (tons/m3/canes) Delivery time

Rattan Furniture


Rattan Semi-Finished-Product

C. palustris

Daemonorops jenkinsiana

Korthalsia bejaudii

Preah Sihanouk Province

Kam Pot Province

Koh Kong Province

65,160 Canes

5,040 Canes

10,200 Canes

45 days


a) Semi Products: Rattan Cane Webbing; Rattan Core; Rattan Peel


b) Finished Products: all type of furniture products such as: sofas, closets, hammocks, chairs, beds, tables, cupboards and other product items.

Targeted Markets
Local Market Clients : Hotels, Guest Houses, Restaurants, Supper Markets, Furniture Stores etc.
International Market Clients : USA, Canada and France
Experiences & References
Hotels and Resorts Nagar World Cambodia, Sokha Hotel & Resort and Sakha Angkor, Cambodiana Hotel, Goldiana Phnom Penh & Goldiana Angkor, Pacific Hotel, Kork Thlork Hotel Siem Reap, Golden Gate
Restaurants River House, Lacrosette, Riverside and Other Restaurant of Cambodia
Contact & Company Details

Ms. Lip Somphosh
(Sales Manager) 

Ms. Lip Sophy
(Marketing Manager)

No. T21, J10, 11, St Sothearos
Sangkat Tonle Basac
Khan Chamkamorn
Phnom Penh 


Phone: +855 -12 603 159
Phone: +855 -11 947 882
Fax: +855 -23 328 212



Foreign language  :   English, French, Chinese 
Business type Manufacturer/Trader
Legal status Private company 
Established 1990
Number of employees 58
Membership Rattan Association of Cambodia 
Total annual sales (USD) 120,000 (2009)
Closest port to company Phnom Penh International Port
Export license Yes
Cleaner production This company is committed to use the newly developed Cleaner Production techniques (referring to composting, harvesting, boiling, drying, splitting/sizing, bleaching, carbonizing and dyeing) in the production process. This will reduce environmental pollution by waste/water management and mitigate negative impacts on workers and end-consumers health by eliminating chemicals.
Type of Certification
Fair trade : Yes
Status of Certification : Applicant
Targeted date for certification : end of 2010