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Benefits and Conditions of becoming a RAC Member

The Rattan Association of Cambodia is open to all rattan enterprises. Traders, processors, partners, and all people engaged in the production and sales of rattan finished products can become permanent and honorary members of the Rattan Association of C

  • Rattan Management Plan for Prek Thnot Community Protected Area

    Prek Thnot Community Protected Area (CPA) is one of many places in which WWF-Rattan project is carrying out the project activities. The plan aims to regulate rattan density of different classes in CPA so that rattan resource in the area can be harvested i

  • RAC Membership Application Form

    2-page application form for entities wishing to join the Rattan Association of Cambodia.

  • Basic information for buyers of rattan products

    This short guide provides an overview of the services that RAC can offer for buyers, type of products, production process and terms of payment among others.

  • Cleaner Production for Sustainable Rattan Products (English)

  • Rattan factsheet [Khmer]

    This leaflet provides a general introduction of the RAC in Khmer

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