Joining The Rac

The Rattan Association of Cambodia (RAC) welcomes applications from interested parties to join the association and to help advance its goals.

Membership is open to cooperatives, associations, NGOs, enterprises, producer groups engaged in the production and sales of products made from rattan and natural fibers.

There are 3 membership categories (in addition to Founders):

  1. Founder members are those who were involved in establishing the Association. Founder members do not have voting rights, nor can they be elected to the RAC Council, however they can participate in meetings.
  2. Permanent members participate in the Association’s activities and pay a membership fee. Permanent members represent a company, organization or entity (one membership per company, organization or entity) whose work is compatible with the mission of RAC; have fulfilled the criteria for membership; and have paid a membership fee. Permanent members may participate in meetings, vote on resolutions and can be elected to the RAC Council.
  3. Ordinary Members take an active part in the Association (without a membership fee) and can represent communities, associations, NGOs, enterprises, and producer groups that fit within RAC's mission and conform to the RAC's constitution. Ordinary members can attend the meetings but do not have the right to vote, nor are they eligible as candidates to join the RAC Council. After one year as an ordinary member, they can apply to become a permanent member. For this, they need to pay a membership fee after approval by other council members.
  4. Honorary members are invited by RAC to contribute their expertise or support the mission of RAC. Honorary members may attend and speak at meetings, but hold no voting rights, and may not be elected to RAC’s Council. They may be co-opted onto a committee. Honorary memberships are reviewed and ratified annually

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