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MANAVA History

" Since July 2016 I have been in Cambodia. This country and the people who live here truly touched me, the locals are so friendly and loving. I have spent a lot of time in the villages with the villagers sharing knowledge, lunches and love. They showed me a piece of their life. I was shocked to find out that most of the women did not have a job, or at least one paying above $50-$70 a month.  This was due to their level of education and the fact it's harder for women to get jobs in Cambodia compared to men. Most of the families have between 5-7 children and could barley afford the most basic of necessities, or to send their children to school.  Heartbroken, I said to myself this must change, I must help support these women and so I created MANAVA. "

Translated from Sanskirt, MANAVA means humankind. MANAVA believes in love, people and culture being at the heart of all our designs.  We are here to support female artisans by creating exclusive, artisanal rattan products that strengthen the international reputation of Cambodia's creative industries. Bringing people together to preserve an important part of Cambodia's cultural legacy, while also providing education and empowerment training to Cambodian women.

MANAVA provides our artisans with a sustainable income, empowers their creativity and offers them a safe working environment, where their views and opinions matter.

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