Rattan Stories

Rattan is woven into the lives of thousands of people in Cambodia. Read what some people involved in rattan have to say about the industry:

Mr Lip Cheang

Chairman of Rattan Association of Cambodia

Rattan is a part of my life; I have been running rattan business over 20 years. Rattan is natural resources that growing in the forest that can provide extra-income for the community to support their daily livelihood and lead to poverty reduction as well as to create job opportunities for Community People in Cambodia.

Today, through the establishment of Rattan Association of Cambodia (RAC), thing is changing. The RAC main purpose is to develop sustainable rattan resource management associated with a clean processing industry that will bring benefit to local communities as well as rattan processing companies. The RAC will have to play a key role in linking local producers to market.

I am proud to lead the RAC and with support from WWF to help us to produce more green and clean products as well as to be Fair Trade certified, rattan in Cambodia will be well known. So with this approach, I do hope that, Rattan products in Cambodia will be the most popular products in the future, because most of rattan species are from natural resources that growing in Cambodia and we have enough volume of raw-rattan for producing finished product and supplying to local and international market.

Mr Roth Rem

Head of Rattan Committee, Prek Thnot Village, Kampot, Cambodia

Rattan, as part of the Non Timber Forest Product, is an essential products growing in the Community forestry and Community Protected Areas, with people, who are living, depend on for their living. Before the project started people did not know much about harvesting and processing rattan. They just went into the forest and cut down everything they saw. Now they know how to collect in more sustainable way and plant rattan as well as use the seedlings.

So, The best way to secure the sustainable of rattan natural resources in Cambodia is to provide provision technical support on Rattan Harvesting and Resource Management Training to rattan collector and community people in order to make them harvesting properly with the technical guidance and sustainable rattan management and also working closely with Rattan Association of Cambodia.

Mr Roth Rem

Rattan Group Leader, Krang Art Village, Preah Sihanouk Province

Processing rattan is my daily work in my village. Most of people in my village are depending on the rattan to live. The productivity of one rattan processing family is 50 products per month, and the productivity of our whole village is up to 1500 products per months. So rattan is a part of my life that provide more generate income to support community living standard and creating job opportunity in my village toward sustainable management and supply.

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