Siem Reap Natural Fiber Association

The Nature Fiber Entrepreneurs Network (NFEN) is a network of Siem Reap entrepreneurs invoilved in the production and processiong of nature fiber items, the network wast established on 12 November 2010 and is located in Siem Reap province, Cambodia. The main purpose of the Network is to support the promotion of Naure Fiber and related products and to assist the business activities of its member.

NFEN has been working with around 400 home based women weavers and supplying thousands of Ipeak products to the Thai market every month. Thay are all working at home, under much better and convenient working conditions than the factory can provide. NFEN has provided job opportunities to many people in Siem Reap province especially women and reuced migrations of women to the city.

The most important thing to be done are the upgrade Nature Fibers products, integrate the variabilty of Network products and open up new markets for its products from which improve the income generating activities of stakeholders.

Products & Service

Products Rattan Species Origin/area of rattan (province/district) Quantity (tons/m3/canes) Delivery Time
Utility Baskedt Lpeak Siem Reap and Komg Thom province N/A N/A
Artisan Basket Lpeak Siem Reap and Komg Thom province N/A N/A
Accessories Lpeak Siem Reap and Komg Thom province N/A N/A
Targeted Markets
Experiences & References
Contact & Company Details
Mr. Kim Pov
(Sales and Marketig)
Totea Village, Krabei Riel commune

Siem Reap Province
Phone: +855 012 217 242
Foriegn language : English
Business Type : Trader
Legal status : N/A
Established : 2010
Number of employees : N/A
Membership : Rattan Association of Cambodia
Total annual sales (USD) : N/A
Closest port company : N/A
Export license : No
Cleaner production : No
Type of Certification
Fair trade : N/A
Status of Certification : N/A
Targeted date for certification : N/A

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